10/10/2018 - Discussion with teams

Today at Spartan Superway, we made more progress in terms of understanding what we need to do and the components that we are gonna use for the project. We talked with prof. Furman about our idea for the position tracking of the bogie using optical encoders magnetic strips. He suggested us to use a mechanical switch, hall effect sensors or RFID tags so that we can get some kind of a signal to keep track of the bogie. The wayside team explained to us how they are gonna integrate the ultra capacitors to the system with all the voltage and current that is going to be available for the motors and the electronics. For the switching mechanism, we talked to both the guide-way team and the bogie team to get their input on how to control the linear actuator for it. The guide-way team will give third rail which is 45 degrees inclined to the wheel and the bogie team will need 6 linear actuators for the switching on both the slave and master bogie. 


  1. Full Scale Controls Team:
    It is good that you are beginning to see all of the hardware requirements for the full scale bogie and wayside.

    Now that you generally understand all of the sub-systems within the full scale teams, this week, you need to itemize all of the hardware systems (for wayside, motor team, bogie team, guideway team, and solar team) and then come up with a block diagram and wiring schematic for your team's reference on how you will successfully execute your controls system.

    Once you understand the flow of processing (i.e., what needs to happen in a logical flow in order for the bogie to complete a successful trip along the guideway), you need to begin programming and integrating the hardware with your programming.
    ---> You can start by using a breadboard, LEDs (as indicators), small 5 - 12 v motors (for visual aid that your program and wiring are correct), RFID / Hall-Effect / Optical Encoders, linear actuators (there are some smaller spare ones in the shop (ask Dr. Furman).

    1. The breadboard system you design is considered a rapid prototype!

      Please be sure to read my main post on the SpartanSuperway.blogspot


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